Polaris 9300xi Review

Polaris 9300xi in the box
Polaris 9300xi Review

The Polaris 9300xi is a full size Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner which comes complete with a remote control no less! The Polaris 9300xi is programmable and features two efficient cleaning cycles: Cycle I – Maximum coverage in minimal time (1.5 hour cycle time). Cycle II – Intensive and complete cleaning/thorough tile cleaning (2.5 hour cycle time).

We were happy to put the new Polaris 9300xi to work in a 22,000 gallon pool (who are we kidding, we wanted to try the remote!). The pool was an average white plaster pool with sloping sides and full of leaves. The depth spanned from 3.5 feet to 8.5 feet.Polaris $150 Rebate (PDF)

“…you won’t be having pool cleaner races in your pool, but it’s a cool option to have a remote if you need to target any unsightly areas”


All that is required for installation is plugging the control unit into your electrical source, the 9300xi then plugs into the control unit. Next, completely submerge the cleaner, press the power button and select your cleaning cycle. The 9300xi comes with a transport caddy like other models, however, the caddy needed to be assembled. You will need an extra set of hands for assembly as it is a little awkward. Polaris could definitely improve the assembly of the caddy by making it fold out rather than having to put it together manually. Positive note, the remote comes ready for use with the battery. Bad note, uses something other than a regular AAA or AA battery, making replacement a hassle I would assume.

Robotic Design…

This is a full size Robotic cleaner, the leaf canister is large, and it covers large areas at one time. It has an over-sized suction intake for larger debris. However, it is large and heavy at 16 pounds. Its tires are durable and the scrubbing brush is solid, non-pleated rubber, which is great for scrubbing the tile or any pool surface you may have. The Polaris 9300xi has a rear water propulsion system like all of the Polaris Robotic cleaners. The rear water propulsion system cleaned tight corners and steps very well.

We found the Polaris 9300xi to be completely silent. It runs independent of your pool equipment, which is great because that saves you money! The 9300xi is unlike all other robotic cleaners, because it features a hand-held remote control which is great for spot cleaning. Not only does it have two cleaning cycles, it also has a programmable automatic cycle to clean your pool while you’re away.

Polaris 9300xi in the box
Power Control Unit
Using Remote Control
Caddie Display

Overall performance…

The overall performance of the 9300xi was good. It did what it was supposed to do which is clean. However, the 9300xi lacks the 4WD and ActivMotion sensor which are key features of the 9400 model. So what does that mean for you the homeowner? After testing both the 9300xi and 9400 cleaners, the 4WD and ActivMotion sensor prove beneficial. Although, the 9300xi is a 2WD cleaner it did maneuver over obstacles but not nearly as efficient as the 4WD 9400. Also, the ActivMotion sensor optimizes cleaning efficiency and maneuverability. To read more about the 9400 and its features click here…Polaris 9400 Review

The “vortex vacuum technology” fared very well in capturing large and small/fine dirt and debris. There were so many leaves in the pool we had no way of knowing if the canister was full. Polaris should have considered making the top clear or integrating a sensor alerting you when the canister is full.

We began with Cycle I, and after about 15 minutes we switched to Cycle II. Both cycles preformed well. The 9300xi did clean the tile line, steps and swim-outs on Cycle II. With that being said, we estimated that it would take a few cycles to thoroughly cover all of the tile line.

Along with the two cleaning cycles, there is also an option to program the 9300xi for an automatic cycle. This is a nice option if you are going to be out of town for a few days. (*Note: You will need an automatic timer to accomplish this which is not included.) You can also increase the cleaning time by 60 minutes, or decrease the cleaning time by 30 minutes, with the push of a button.

Remote Control: Cool option…

Finally, we tested out the remote. Having a remote is a bonus if you have an area that needs extra attention. You can move the cleaner forward, backward, or rotate it to the left or the right. The remote is not as responsive, as say using a remote control car, because the resistance of the water slows down the cleaner. It took us a minute or two to get the 9300xi going in the desired direction. When we tried to rotate the cleaner it also took a minute or two for it to turn around, mind you, the turns are not sharp (imagine making a u-turn in a RV). We had to keep the button on the remote pressed the whole time we were using it. (*Note: If you do not use the remote within 45 seconds, the 9300xi will default to the current cleaning cycle.) In sum, you will not be having pool cleaner races in your pool, but it is a cool option to have a remote if you need to target any unsightly areas before guests come over or what have you.

Finally, we found the Polaris 9300xi to be durable, reliable and quiet. It cleaned the pool well using minimal electricity due to its low voltage. The cleaning cycles were successful in scrubbing the tile line, steps and swim-outs. The Polaris 9300xi has the longest cord of all the Robotic cleaners at 60’. However, if you just need something small and have relatively little amounts of debris in your pool you may consider the smaller Polaris 9100. We here at PoolSupplySales.com would recommend the Polaris 9300xi for the homeowner who wants a robotic cleaner with a remote, and the ability to program an automatic cleaning cycle. If these two features are a necessity for you, than this is your cleaner! With all things considered, we would not base the purchase on the remote alone. View the Polaris Robotic Comparison Chart

Coming out of the pool
Opening the canister hatch
Large capacity canister
Cleaner and Caddie

In a nut shell:



Simple installation Assembly of Transport Caddy
Large leaf canister No way of knowing when canister is full
Oversized suction intake Heavy: Weighing in at 16 lbs.
Low Voltage Operation No ActiveMotion Sensor
Cleans Tile Line, Steps and Swim-Outs Only cleans tile line, steps and swim-outs on Cycle II
Vortex Vacuum Technology No 4WD feature
Remote Control Tedious Usage
Programmable Automatic Cycle No automatic timer included
High End Robotic Cleaner High price tag


Product Quality: 4 out of 5 stars
Product Quality for the money: 4 out of 5 stars

Product Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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