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E-Z Clor Enhanced Filter Cleaner 1qt.

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E-Z Clor Enhanced Filter Cleaner 1qt. Bottle

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  • E-Z Clor Enhanced Filter Cleaner 1qt. Bottle

Product Features

  • Effectively cleans Pool filter elements

Product Description Description

EZ Clor Enhanced Filter Cleaner is a dual acting liquid cleaner that effectively removes scale, dirt, oils and grease to provide better filtration for all types of filters. This liquid filter cleaner greatly improves filter life and efficiency. It is specially made to cleanse suntan oil, and grease as well as scale and mineral deposits from pool and spa filters of all types: cartridge, sand, and DE. Regular use of this product will assure proper filtration.


When preparing or using this product, take care not to splash, drip, or use on surfaces such as ceramic tile, linoleum, Formica brand counter surfaces, carpeting, etc. as etching or discoloration of these surfaces may take place. This product is intended only for use as a pool filter cleaner.


Mix 32 ounces of this product per 5 gallons of clean water in a large plastic bucket. Make only enough solution to cover the elements. (Never use a metal container with this product.) Always add this product to water; do not add water to this product. Remove filter cartridge or diatomaceous earth (DE) elements. Rinse with clean water. Place cartridges or elements into the solution and soak 10 to 12 hours. Remove cartridges and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Cartridges should dry before being reinserted in the filter. (It’s often a good idea to have a spare clean cartridge on hand to avoid downtime.)


Mix 32 ounces of this product per 5 gallons of clean water in a plastic bucket. Make enough solution to cover filter media. Backwash filter. Shut off pump and drain filter. Remove debris from lint pot. Leave handle in the backwash position and pour cleaning solution into the lint pot while the pump is running. Never permit your swimming pool pump to run dry, however. Continue to add the solution until the sand or filter elements are completely covered. Shut off pump and allow the solution to remain in the filter for 10 to 12 hours. Backwash the filter until water exiting backwash line is clear. Restart pump and refill filter with clean water.

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E-Z Clor Enhanced Filter Cleaner 1qt. 50-2013
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