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Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect 3L.

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Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect 3L. Bottle

Product Features

  • Eliminates skin & eye irritation
  • Eliminates strong chemical odors
  • No scum line
  • Clean pool filters
  • Reduced pool maintenance
  • Makes water feel soft & silky

Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Why use Pool Perfect Enzymes?

Your pool water is constantly absorbing organic material from its environment. What kind of organic material, you ask? Organic contaminants come in a wide variety, including:

  • Suntan & sunscreen lotions
  • Body oils, sweat, urine
  • Cosmetics & hair care products
  • Airborne vehicle fuels & exhaust
  • Decaying vegetation
  • and the list goes on…

These organic contaminants build-up in your pool water. This is where Pool Perfect Enzymes shine. Natural enzymes, like those found in your own body, are designed by nature to break down or biodegrade organics. The enzymes in Pool Perfect literally break down organic waste to basic elements like carbon dioxide and water, that are then easily absorbed by the pool environment.


The concentrated formula requires only 1 oz per 2,000 gallons (30ml per 7500L) of pool water per week.

Each week, add one capful per 8,000 (30,000L) of pool water. A 16,000gallon (60,000L) pool only requires only 2 capfuls each week. This bottle treats more than 66,000 gallons (250,000L)

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